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We have specially designed a wide selection of protection solutions to meet all the insured's insurance needs

We are committed to continue to innovate, improving the quality of our products and services for the convenience and protection of the Insured. We have specifically designed a wide selection of protection solutions to meet all the needs of the Insured for insurance protection, either for individuals or business/ corporate, from standard to customized products. The following are our insurance products:

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Other Special Products
Insurance for Cash-in-ATM Comprehensive Machinery Insurance Insurance for Cash-in-Management Garage Keeper Liability Insurance Oil and Gas I...
Personal Accident
This insurance provides protection against the consequences arising from an accident. Everyone, whether employees, labors, traders, teachers, professionals and entrepreneurs can participate in this pr...
Health Insurance
Insurance that provides reimbursement for the participants’ medical expenses, which includes outpatient expenses, hospitalization, surgery, childbirth, dental treatment, glasses and up to death bene...
Money Insurance
This insurance provides protection for Money in a Vault (cash-in-safe) at the location of the coverage, as well as for Cash-in-Transit.  This insurance protection is much needed by banks, money chang...
property - industry
Property / Industrial All Risk Insurance
Insurance that provides protection against all risks of losses of the insured property, which is not included in the policy exclusions. Part I: Material Damage Covers financial ...
Asuransi Gempa Bumi
Earthquake Insurance
Insurance that provides protection for damage to the insured property as a direct result of: Earthquake Volcanic eruptions Fire and explosion following an earthqua...
Asuransi Rekayasa
Engineering Insurance
Engineering insurance is divided into several types of insurance such as: Construction All Risks, which provides protection against the risk of loss during the construction period. ...
Asuransi Alat Alat Berat
Heavy Equipment Insurance
Insurance that covers all risks of damage or physical loss that occurs suddenly and unexpectedly for the coverage of heavy equipment, whether it is working, idle or being unloaded in the maintenance p...
Asuransi Pengangkutan Barang (Marine Cargo)
Marine Cargo Insurance
Insurance which aims to provide security protection for goods while transported, from the possibility of loss, up to damage to the goods carried by land, sea or air.  The sum insured includes the val...
Asuransi Kebongkaran
Burglary Insurance
Insurance that covers the loss of goods or property due to the acts of theft, violence or a forced act of theft.  Exceptions in this insurance policy, among others, does not include the loss of jewel...