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Your Best Choice of Health Insurance

Do you have financial problems with increasing medical expenses ?
Is your health protection sufficient ?

Magna Sehat provides the best insurance coverage for your healthcare protection

Magna Sehat ensures your finances are not disturbed when you have to pay for hospital care and medical expenses.  Magna Sehat can adjust the medical cost budget according to your ability.  Magna Sehat also covers hospitalization due to clinical symptoms of Covid-19 until it is confirmed positive

  • The policy waiting period is 30 days
  • Pre Existing Condition is covered after 12 months
  • Benefits recovery is 30 days
  • Claim process is 7 working days (after receiving complete claim documents)
  • Benefits and Premiums as chosen
  • Cashless and Reimbursement systems are both applicable
  • Free choice of Hospital
  • 24 hours call center and sms center

Age of adult participants is 21 years to 55 years, for renewal case can be covered up to 70 years

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