Best Protection for Your Employees!! 

Magna Sehat SME 

Choice of protection benefits for Employees and their Families according to the needs of the Company 

Inpatient & Outpatient | Cashless & Reimbursement 


  1. Pre-existing condition is covered in the second year (except for take over policy of a minimum of 10 employees) 
  2. Age Range for Adult Participant is between 17 years to 60 years.  For participants with age between 60-65 years, there is an additional premium loading of 25% & for those with age between 65-70 years, a 50% additional premium loading.  Participants over the age of 60 years will only be covered with 70% replacement for the diagnosis of diseases that are included in “Degenerative Diseases and its complications” 
  3. Insurance cover: Inpatient, which can be extended with Outpatient Care 
  4. Cashless facility at Partner Hospitals, as well as Reimbursement 
  5. Children age 15 days to <21 years (including premature babies) 
  6. Children age 21 to 25 years is subject to adult premium 
  7. The minimum number of participants is 5 (five) employees
  8. The maximum number of children that can be covered is 3 (three).
  9. The premium payment system is annual
  10. No Policy Waiting Period applies 
  11. Claims Process is 7 working days 
  12. Policy Administration Fee is Rp. 62,000, –
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