“I AM MAGNIFICENT, Unleash the Greatness Within You”

Everyone is born with the potential to be great.  The potential that must be nurtured at all times with experience and the courage to make the right decisions.  Use your freedom to turn this potential into reality.  Everyone can be great, including you.

The Winners

Here are the two winners of the “I Am MAGnificent” writing contest, held by MAG insurance.  More than 100 MAG employees from all over Indonesia enthusiastically participated in this “adventure” writing contest.  The two winners had the most exciting and interesting writing pieces according to the jury.  For that we will fulfill their dream of exploring their most desired destination in Indonesia.  You are MAGnificent.  Enjoy exploring!


Desy Dimayanti, GHS

My Hidden Desire for Rp 5.000

By Desy Dimayanti, GHS

Perhaps, for some other people, the images in the various rupiah currency is only a display.  For me however, the images on the banknotes show the identity of a nation that has natural and cultural diversity.  Among all the Indonesian currencies that showcase the distinctive beauty of the various regions in the archipelago, I fell in love with the Rp. 5,000 note.  I dreamed that I could visit Lake Kelimutu, ever since I saw it on the Rp.5,000 bill.

A red, light blue and white crater is depicted; so exotic, as if inviting me to directly enjoy the beauty of the miracle created by the creator.  Sshhh, and you know what, Kelimutu Lake is one of the places that must be visited before we close our eyes, according to the backpacker version.  I am thrilled and become more excited every time I read an article about Lake Kelimutu, which has been named a must-visit tourist destination in Indonesia.

It is ironic at the same time, because many foreign tourists already know Kelimutu Lake, which is located in the village of Pemo, East Nusa Tenggara; while as Indonesian, I am still dreaming to be able to see the exoticism of this lake with my own eyes.  From various articles that I read, to reach Lake Kelimutu, we have to travel about 66 km from the city of Ende.

The tricolor lake is also said to be best visited in the morning.  And wow, the color of the lake water changes over time!  To be able to view to the beautiful colors of Lake Kelimutu, tourists are advised to spend the night at Moni, which is about 52 km from Ende.  Moni Village is a small town at the foot of Mount Kelimutu.

Even though it is a bit far, the trip to Lake Kelimutu will not be boring, because we will be treated with amazing views which spoil the eyes.  In addition to the amazing natural beauty, there are legends from generations about the colorful lakes which apparently have their own meaning and have very powerful natural forces.

The red color or ‘tiwu ata poli’ is believed to be a gathering place for the spirits of people who, during their lifetime often did evil deeds.  The blue color or ‘tiwu nuwa muri koo fai’ is believed to be a gathering place for people who died at a young age.

Meanwhile, the white color or ‘tiwu ata mbpu’ is believed by the local residents as a gathering place for the spirits of their ancestors who died when they were old.  The local people also believe that Kelimutu Lake is a sacred lake that gives fertility to the surrounding areas.

So it is not uncommon for traditional ceremonies to be held at Lake Kelimutu, where people give offerings of crops to spirits in the lake.

Aaarghh, reading and writing about Kelimutu Lake makes me even more tempted to visit this beautiful place in person!  Who would have thought that the Rp.5,000 note would inspire me to be grateful for the natural charm of the Indonesian archipelago which is very beautiful.

It is true, travelling is a window to be grateful for every step of life.  I will never stop being grateful to be given the opportunity to live in this country and explore its every beauty.

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Made Utari Prabesti

Are My Dreams As Beautiful As Derawan?

By Made Utari Prabesti, MAG Bandung

Dream is a POISON.

I have a lot of dreams that I am eager to achieve as soon as possible.  I will try to share it a bit on this paper, following the words of the poets: “write your dream and the universe will conspire in helping you to achieve it”. 

I will start with a word that sounds unfamiliar to my ears at first; Derawan.  Several months ago, I heard the story of a friend who traveled to this place called Derawan.  It is a very beautiful place.  Seeing the video on the internet alone makes me feel carried away by its beauty.  So I decided that Derawan is one of my dreams.

Derawan is an archipelago in East Kalimantan.  There are several islands that can be visited, those are the islands of Maratua, Derawan, Sangalaki, and Kakaban.  Knowing the many places that could be visited gave me confidence that there would be plenty of activities to do there.  But from time to time, I still have to overcome a lot of fear to make it all happen.

My mother used to say that I was a weak child with limited achievements.  I was afraid of water, I was afraid of riding a bicycle.  Even as a girl from the island of the Gods, I didn’t know many of Balinese dances.  I remember when I was little, I didn’t want to take the dance lessons.  I was afraid to practice with my teacher who was fierce and always brought bamboo when teaching.

But with all the fears that have been rooted since my childhood, now I want to change.  I want to overcome my fear by swimming with jelly fish on the island of Kakaban, going to the middle of the sea for the first time seeing a beautiful lagoon, or seeing dolphins in the open sea and enjoying the beautiful blue sky in Derawan Islands.

If I can go to Derawan, I am sure and confident that my other dreams can come true and end beautifully.  Dreams make me stronger to face my fear.  I’m sure that behind that fear lies a beauty and a pleasure if I can get beyond it.  I do not only dream of going to a tourist island, but I also dream of pursuing a high career, studying abroad, making my parents happy, buying a new house, buying a new car … ahh, I hope all my dreams can come true.

It is true that dream is a poison; a poison that is ready to change my mind, move my hands and feet to jump higher.  And if I get the chance to go to Derawan, I will be able to answer my own questions; “Are my dreams as beautiful as Derawan?”

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