Everyone has a plan, but not everyone dares to make it happen.  Designing a bucket list in life is the first step to realizing all your life plans.  Let’s make it happen together, enjoy your life at the highest point!

Shoot for the stars, no bucket list is too much.   Dreaming is a great way to direct reality.


Let’s see Nicholas Saputra’s video in realizing his Bucket List:

The Winners

These are the two winners of the Bucket List competition held by MAG Insurance.  More than 500 Bucket List has been received and the jury has decided the two winners to fulfill their dreams of exploring their most desired destination in Indonesia.

MAG both winners.  Happy adventuring, because You are MAGnificent!


Dyah Isnaemi

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Years of Obsession

The list of contents in my bucket list has changed a lot since I first compiled it.  Of the many goals, whether in the form of goods to buy or places that I want to visit, there is still one goal that hasn’t been achieved so far and has become my obsession for years.  There are always obstacles to achieving them, due to cost, time and many other reasons.

Visiting Lombok and the Gili islands is always first on my bucket list.  Every story and pictures about the Gili islands has made me even more eager to walk my feet there.  Hopefully my dream of enjoying the beautiful sunrise and sunset on the Gili Islands can be achieved. Amen.

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Siti Maesaroh


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Baby Tree in My Name

I want to go to Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, especially to Mount Rinjani National Park.  There was a baby tree in my name in this place.  The tree is a gift from WWF Indonesia for the winners of the #AksiBumiku competition held by the Earth Hour Indonesia.

I really want to see it in person.  Besides that, I also want to enjoy the beautiful and enchanting natural scenery on the island of Lombok, from mountain tours to beaches.  Hopefully one day I can go there!  Amen!

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