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Jan 19, 2021

Motor Vehicle Insurance for Car Theft Coverage

pencurian dan asuransi kendaraan

“Car theft is currently very common.”  We are always asked to be vigilant because theft of vehicle can occur anywhere and anytime.  Even today, thieves or robbers are brave enough to commit their crimes during daylight when the road is busy.  Cars or vehicles are really needed by many people, especially for those who are busy and have to go to several places in a day.  We would certainly save a lot of time if we used our own car to get to all the places.

There are many types of cars or vehicles.  Today’s vehicles are also sold at a more affordable price and people can buy them in a very easy way.  This is why more and more people buy cars and thus, vehicle theft is increasingly rampant.  So what should we do to prevent the car theft?  For sure you don’t want to just lose your special car.  Some people work really hard to be able to buy a car and they will really be unhappy when their car is stolen.  This is why you need to protect your car or vehicle with motor vehicle insurance.

What is Motor Vehicle Insurance?

As mentioned above, if you want to protect your car or vehicle from theft you will need to make use of motor vehicle insurance that is widely offered today.  Before you choose motor vehicle insurance from an insurance company, you would better know in advance what motor vehicle insurance is and what it will cover. This insurance will cover two-wheeled motorized vehicles such as motorbikes, scooters or other types; four or more wheeled vehicles such as sedans, jeeps, trucks, minibuses; and accessories and equipment attached to your motor vehicle will also be protected.  Then what are the risks that will be covered by using this vehicle insurance? Below are information about the risks that this insurance will cover.  The insurance company will protect your motor vehicle from:

  • Crash, flipping over, slip and impact
  • Actions committed by other parties
  • Theft committed by force and threats or theft in the garage or other place.
  • Fire and vehicle damage during the trip
  • Crane fees required for your motor vehicle.

Risks that are not covered by motor vehicle insurance

Besides the risks that are covered by insurance company as above, for example due to car theft; insurance companies usually also provide a list of risks that are not protected.  The following are some of the risks that the insurance company will not cover:

  • Losses due to embezzlement of cars or vehicles
  • Vehicle overload
  • Natural disasters and war
  • Drivers do not have the legally required documents and violate traffic rules
  • Damage that is not included in the policy
  • Losing due to own carelessness

Those are the risks that will be and will not be covered by the insurance company.  Apart from this information, when you choose an insurance company to get your motor vehicle insured, you have to be more careful.  Not all things are fully explained by the insurance company, so you have to ask questions and get further explanation.  This will prevent you from agreeing to things you don’t know or are unaware of.  It’s a good idea to also compare several insurance companies in order to find the best insurance company to protect your vehicle from crimes such as car theft or other unexpected or harmful cases.