Financial Education
Dec 30, 2020

The Benefits of Travel Insurance When Travelling

Asuransi Perjalanan anda

Taking a trip is something that is loved by many people in the world.  Of course, when we do it either alone or together with someone, we hope that the journey that we take will be smooth and enjoyable.  We will do all the preparations before leaving in order that we could enjoy the ease and pleasure as we imagined.  But occasionally, not all the trips we have planned well in advance will always turn up as smoothly as we hoped for, maybe a few things will go out of plan and hamper our journey.

If you want to travel especially out of the country, you must have bought a flight ticket in advance.  However, if you suddenly have to cancel your flight and need to buy a new ticket because of unexpected things such as illness or a really urgent occasion that you must attend, it will certainly incur additional cost on your part.  This additional expense will not become a cost burden if you already have travel insurance before you travel.  The cost of issuing a new ticket will be shared with your insurance company.  However, in Indonesia, very few people want to buy travel insurance before traveling.  Even though there are many benefits that we could get if we have insurance cover.

Apart from unexpected events that could happen before departure, other things may also happen while traveling, especially if we travel long distances that last for quite a long period.  As our bodies become less fit and we may become sick while traveling.  This may be due to the lack of rest time, a lack of healthy food intake that we can eat, as well as changes in weather, temperature or pressure from the environment.  Especially if you are going on an overseas trip that takes hours or even days. This condition often causes disturbance to our health and ultimately causes us to get sick at the destination.  If this happens, of course it is not only a place to stay like a hotel that we have to think about at the destination, but we may need a hospital where we can treat the pain that we suffer.

As we become sick, we cannot travel at will, or we can even ruin our planned schedule.  If we travel for corporate affairs, state affairs or educational matters, we can even harm others besides harming ourselves, especially if we have to cancel an event that was previously scheduled.  Not only that, if the event we have to attend also involves renting a place or renting goods, while we cannot attend because of illness, of course we have to compensate for the rental fee. That way, not only hospital fees and lodging costs, but we also have to think about the cost of rental compensation.  If we have to bear all these costs alone, of course it will be very burdensome, but it will be different if we have insurance. All expenses that we have to pay will be borne together with our travel insurance.

Based on the advantages and benefits that can be provided by having travel insurance, it will make it easier for us to travel wherever we want.  Therefore, what are you waiting for?  Immediately equip yourself with travel insurance before you travel so that you can enjoy your trip to the fullest.