Health Article
Dec 30, 2020

Tips to Stay Fit Amid Busy Work Activities

How to stay fit in the midst of busy office activities?

Recently, health care has become a hot topic of discussion.  The discussion is not only about maintaining health at home but also when working in the office.  Some companies have also started to seriously promote the health of their employees.

For a worker, being healthy provides many benefits, including less time off from work, greater productivity and avoidance of stress.  Then, how do you keep workers healthy?  Here are 10 of the best activities for staying healthy at work.

Light exercise

Utilize the office desks and chairs for light physical exercise.  You can do push-ups on your desk, which will work out your arm, back, and core muscles.

Find a comfortable chair

Look for a seat with thick foam and has spinal support so you can keep your body good posture.

Cardio workouts at the office

Use the stairs if you want to visit colleagues upstairs.  If necessary, you can run a little as you go up or down until you get a little gasping as your heart rate increases.

Refresh your eyes

Every 1-2 hours, glance up at a distant object. This method is useful for freshening the view as well as restoring flexibility of the eye muscles and lenses after a long stare at the computer.

“Oasis” for a moment

Not only women are allowed to place unique items on their office desks, men can do the same.  The goal is to refresh your mind when you start to feel tired.  For example, placing your favorite action figure or photo frame together with children, friends and family.

Adjust the monitor screen

Make sure the height of the monitor screen fits your eyes so you don’t strain your neck muscles.  Also adjust the brightness and contrast of the screen so that your eyes don’t get tired easily while working in front of it.


Take the time to find entertainment, such as watching your favorite show on television or listening to your favorite song.

Fluid input and output

The temperature of an air-conditioned room does not make us thirsty easily, but it actually makes our bodies dehydrated, so we have to keep getting fluid intake.  In addition, we also have to urinate regularly.  Don’t held back because it will make the kidneys work harder.  It’s best to prepare a water jug on your desk before starting work every morning.

Sit balanced

Sit in a balanced manner, with your body upright facing the computer screen. This will prevent your body from bending over.

Take advantage of stretching

Not just your fingers and neck, also stretch your back which supports you while sitting to keep it balanced.